Welcome to our site. Our goal here is to share a little about our family and our interests as a way of keeping in touch with members of our family, our friends, and perhaps even make new friends as well.

Our last name is pronounced with the last "i" being silent. It is Portugeuse in origin from the Azore Islands to be specific. Here in Central California and the Silicon Valley it is a fairly common last name.

This site grew from the site John started back in 1994 based around his music and his use of the E-mu Systems vintage line of samplers the Emax and Emax II. At that time it was stored on the FTP servers at Netcom.

We registered the domain silveriafamily.com in 1999 when we found out someone else had registered silveria.com. That site is currently owned by someone with the last name Silveria, but no site has been constructed and though it is more than likely someone related to us we do not know him personally.

A search at Google under "Groups" finds that the earliest recorded post mentioning Brie is dated 10-Mar-1993, while for John it's 14-Apr-1994 under the name jsynth2@netcom.com

We hope you enjoy our site. If you want to link to us feel free to download and use this logo button.