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EMX is a little program created back in the early 90's by a fellow Emax user who has long left the scene. Not unlike the Emax itself EMX has no official support anymore.

EMX was designed to work on PC running DOS v.3 and though it has full functionality in any version of DOS, up to 6.22, it only has limited functionality on systems running Windows 95 or later.

EMX is basically a disk imager. But, it knows which disk sectors hold the OS information and which hold the bank information. Because of this it became the preferred method for PC user's to trade banks across the internet instead of a 720k image of the full disk EMX can take just the bank data and when compressed into a Zip file generally it will be around 400k or less.

When running in DOS 6.22 or earlier it also has the ability to transfer the operating system. However, though it can still be used for bank data in Windows 95 or later (rebooted into DOS mode) it can not format disks. It will report an error at 99% complete.

In the past I've avoided offering EMX directly from this site because it can be troublesome to use and I tend to get a lot of email asking for support using it which I'm not technically knowledgable enough to give. The people at Route 66 Studios say they are working on updating EMX and Rubber Chicken Systems have been working on adding EMX, Emax, and Emax II file support into their Translator and Translator Free software.

Here is EMX if you would like to tryout, but before doing so please read the directions carefully. I've included the original and my newer instructions inthe Zip file.

EMX Requirements:

  • You must be using DS/DD 720k floppies. EMX can not write to a HD (High Density) floppy disk. Even though the Emax can "force format" a HD floppy this is not recommended and the results aren't reliable. If you are looking for DS/DD disks try Route 66 Studios.
  • Make sure you reboot into DOS if you are using Windows 95/98/NT (2000. ME, and XP do not run on DOS). Remember the version of DOS under 95/98/NT does not allow EMX to format disks. They will still need to be formatted in an Emax before copying the bank data over.
  • All sound bank files must be in the directory that EMX is.